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PixelVentures is an investment fund that PixelEdge operates to assist sustainability startup companies with their initial costs. We look for early-stage organizations with experience in the sector, particularly those that have innovative ideas with the potential to scale globally.



Our investment criteria:


  • Focus on Sustainability: We invest in ventures in the sustainability sector, driving innovation and solutions that contribute to a greener future.

  • Strong Management Team: We look for companies led by experienced management teams with the skills and vision to navigate complex challenges.

  • Strategic Connections for Adoption: Our ideal candidates have a management team with strong industry connections to ensure smooth adoption and market entry after the product is launched.

  • Global Impact and Scalability: We prioritize investments in solutions with the ambition and potential to scale globally, aiming to create a significant and positive impact on the world.

Investments of up to $50,000 are selected on a rolling basis based on current funding and opportunities.


To apply:

  1. Contact Us with a brief description of how you meet our funding criteria.

  2. If we are interested, we will contact you with a request for your company’s:

    • Executive summary

    • Slide deck

    • Pitch video

  3. We will contact you in 2-4 weeks if we are interested in moving forward.

Additional benefits of working with PixelVentures

For select investments, we provide reduced-price software development services to create custom digital solutions for your sustainability startup. For more about solutions we’ve implemented, see our Solutions.

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