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Who are we?

Drowning in spreadsheets? Let PixelEdge throw you a lifeline out of “Excel hell.” We craft custom software that turbocharges your productivity and nails your compliance with sustainability standards. We’ve empowered market-leading companies and billion-dollar global enterprises to achieve remarkable efficiency and regulatory excellence.

Why PixelEdge?

If your company needs to improve workflows that are trapped in spreadsheets, we design solutions that bring your teams together with software that scales. Our data visualizations and reporting tools will make you a green leader in your industry and community. 


With deep industry knowledge in sustainability, our teams build you a product in just weeks. As a leading provider of Sustainable Digital Innovation (SDI), we’ve helped clients with their sustainability goals by delivering:

  • Circular Economy scenario modeling, calculations, and data visualizations

  • Carbon and decarbonization accounting for Scope 1, 2, and 3

  • Decarbonization planning 

  • Sustainable infrastructure

  • Energy efficiency

  • Auditing and compliance tracking

  • Integrations with utility systems

  • Conversions from legacy data and systems

PixelEdge Innovations

We’ve created software to replace tools like Excel by building sustainability workflows for enterprise clients across a wide range of industries. Our simple solutions remove silos and create reports and visualizations with impact. Some examples include:

Auditing and Compliance

A large sustainability company had a solid business in audits and compliance consulting for sustainability, but significant expertise was required to deliver results to the client. Every client has different requirements due to the many standards and regulations in the space. Our client needed a better way to complete audits efficiently.


By embracing software as a solution, they achieve results:

  • 3x margins for the same work, with more work completed by more junior staff and less overhead for senior staff

  • A software subscription offering for their clients, adding a new revenue stream that brings in 10x better profit margins than consulting work

  • More sales opportunities stemming from large clients that now require their entire supply chain to complete compliance audits

Circular Economy

A client was committed to making its products better for the environment by meeting circular economy standards. Since the concept was new to their industry, the standards were still evolving, and they lacked a way to communicate their goals with their product development teams.


We created an app with flexibility designed into it and included reusable models as templates for specific industries. The app made it easy to assess and communicate metrics for the circular economy. With quality data visualizations that can be shared with project managers through CEOs, our client can showcase their successes to customers, governments, and the general public.


Energy Efficiency Suite

As leaders in the nation for energy retrofitting, our client specializes in identifying the right government organizations and utility companies to help individuals and communities become more energy efficient and reduce resource use. Our client works with these organizations and utilities as partners. They focus on helping low-income people reduce energy usage through these programs.

PixelEdge created two tools to support our client’s mission:

  1. Data Collection and Processing Tool: This tool enabled seamless collaboration between the sales and engineering teams, leading to more effective and impactful energy efficiency proposals and projects.

  2. Data Visualization Dashboards: These dashboards enhanced the visibility of our client’s contributions, demonstrating their impact on improving energy efficiency for underserved homeowners and organizations.

Carbon Accounting

Our client struggled with carbon emissions reporting for thousands of locations due to outdated technology, manual data handling, and inefficiencies. 

PixelEdge introduced advanced tools that improved data accuracy, compliance, and ROI. Enhanced data visualizations attracted new customers and reduced administrative work, streamlining processes and reducing errors. This transformation positioned our client competitively, leading to more opportunities in carbon accounting and better margins through efficient systems and improved communication across teams.

Sustainability Suite

We partnered with a major sustainability client to improve their workflows in various industries. Despite having diverse services and talented engineers, their processes could have been faster and simpler. 

We identified six key areas for improvement and created digital tools to streamline these workflows. These tools integrated siloed Excel data, built adaptable databases, and enhanced communication with effective data visualizations. 

Engineers at our client enjoyed simplified compliance research that adapted to regulatory changes, and found new business opportunities with improved results and reporting. Our client tripled earnings for some projects, and enhanced their position as leaders in sustainability consulting.

Get Started

Contact us to get out of “Excel hell” with better sustainability workflows.

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