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Digital Solutions for Startups

Who are we?

PixelEdge is a software company that builds custom software for companies that want to streamline their sustainability and financial processes. Our teams have an investor mindset and understand that your company must build content to show angels and venture capitalists.

Why PixelEdge?

PixelEdge software is focused on helping you raise your current round. A digital tool for your startup helps build credibility with investors.


With deep experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, our team can guide you to digital solutions that boost your sustainability and financial data during the early stages of your company's growth. We can help you find your next idea and we can build out the idea into a functioning product in a few weeks.

Our Process

We love startups because they give us the best opportunities to innovate and create. Our teams can help you with ideation, engineering, and user experience. We create products, not projects, and are here to support you throughout the lifecycle of your software.

  • Ideation

  • Validation

  • Business modeling

  • Change management

PixelVentures Fund for Sustainability Startups

PixelEdge is especially excited to work with startups in the sustainability sector that want cutting-edge digital tools. Let PixelEdge help your new venture with enterprise-quality software at a price within your budget.

Our commitment to startups extends to our corporate venture fund, PixelVentures. If you have a startup idea in the sustainability space, review our funding criteria.

Get Started

Talk to us about your vision for your startup.

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