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Corporate Innovation Solutions

Who are we?

Drowning in spreadsheets? Let PixelEdge throw you a lifeline out of “Excel hell.” We craft custom software that turbocharges your productivity and nails your compliance with sustainability, health, and safety standards. We’ve empowered market-leading companies and billion-dollar global enterprises to achieve remarkable efficiency and regulatory excellence.

Why PixelEdge?

If you’re at an enterprise organization, you know you must innovate, but change is risky. It is simpler to just forward spreadsheets around. But spreadsheets (and similar solutions) don’t scale, they aren’t secure, and they’re easy to break. It’s a risk.


Our corporate innovation team has, time and again, created custom digital solutions that help cut costs, increase market share, improve accuracy, increase compliance, and sometimes even open up new markets. 


Get out of spreadsheets and innovate with our services:

  • Ideation: Our process uncovers high-value and hidden opportunities. 

  • Validation: We identify ideas with strong stakeholder support, demonstrating the highest potential and lowest risk.

  • Product adoption: Our adoption focus puts the systems and people in place to ensure that the innovation is widely embraced, delighting internal and external stakeholders, to maximize its ROI.

  • Change management: Work with us to move from legacy systems or old regulations to seamlessly upgrade processes and software solutions.

PixelEdge Innovations

We’ve used our Corporate Innovation process with our sustainability and finance clients, as in these examples.

Inventing a Full Sustainability Suite

PixelEdge worked with a large sustainability client to find opportunities across the many industries they served. They already had a wide array of products and services, and a large group of talented engineers that worked on everything from compliance and auditing to carbon accounting and remediation to the circular economy.


We identified their slower and more complex workflows, finding potential areas for growth. We narrowed it down to six areas for improvement through digital innovation.


We built a suite of tools that bridged silos of Excel spreadsheets into simple, effective tools that:

  • Helped different teams communicate and complete work more quickly. 

  • Reduced research phases using databases of technical and compliance information to keep teams up to date on the latest regulations

  • Improved client communication with data visualizations for clients and executives across many industries.

  • Grew revenue, with some projects growing 3x.

Leveraging Investment Research in the Entertainment Industry

A leading data aggregator for an entertainment sector came to PixelEdge to help maximize one of their offerings. The team had a wealth of data that helped them make deals for clients, and they sold this data to companies in the space. 


The client spent a single day with PixelEdge in an Ideation workshop using IdeaPAD to develop ideas. At the end of the workshop, they had clear objectives for moving forward with the best prospects, and they had already assigned team members to do the work. Best of all, they were excited by the opportunities to leverage their superpowers and achieve their goals.


As the Business Information Director at the client said:

Determining if a product has a market opportunity is a tricky process. [PixelEdge] helped us evaluate our offerings internally to decide what is important to us as a company as well as which products are within our wheelhouse, feasible and easy to integrate into our process, and of value to our customers.

Realizing a New Opportunity in Investment Research

A global financial data company identified a strong market opportunity to collect and provide investment data for an emerging class of investments. The company had a deep knowledge of this emerging space and noticed that some clients manually copied and processed information in spreadsheets, losing countless hours. The company knew there was an opportunity to create a consistent product that could provide timely research in this new space.


Released in 2016, PixelEdge created BDC Collateral, which quickly became the industry-leading solution with the most comprehensive data in the space. Subscribers enjoy:

  • Access to analyses of nearly 100 public and private investments

  • 500% Faster Fund Analysis

  • 200% Reduction Turnaround Time

Accelerating Angel Investment

It is challenging for angel investors to find quality opportunities for investment. And an angel investor generally wants other angels to join a funding round. Once that first angel “deal leader” invests the time to vet an entrepreneur and commit to a deal, they try to connect the entrepreneur to other angels to complete the round of funding. 


Lead angels that are part of the Angel Capital Association (ACA) now have a tool that helps them connect to like-minded angel investors to fund entrepreneurs faster. Key angel investors using the platform report that:

  • The quality of the deals is so high that 50% of their investments come from the platform.

  • They are 5 to 10 times more likely to invest in ACA Syndication deals.

  • The nominated entrepreneurs close funding rounds more quickly and with significantly less effort on fundraising.


The ACA offers the ACA Syndication to their members only. Since release:

  • The number of deals went up significantly.

  • ACA gained a significant number of new members specifically because of the added value of the software

  • Member syndicates have less overhead and more interest in their meetings.


By centralizing and simplifying the sharing of vetted startups, both angels and entrepreneurs benefit from the PixelEdge technology.

Our Corporate Innovation Workshops


Our IdeaPAD workshop helps you answer the questions:

  • What CAN we do?

  • What SHOULD we do?

  • WHEN should we do it?


At the end of the workshop with PixelEdge, expect to have 2-3 highly ranked ideas to start working on or further vet. PixelEdge will provide venture-style slide decks to help you decide to go forward, and then create a KISS canvas for each idea. 

KISS Canvas

Our KISS Canvas workshop shows you how to identify the key stakeholders that you’re working with. Then, for each stakeholder, you work with their personas to define:

  • Their primary role in the innovation

  • Their pain points

  • The proposed solution and advantages of the innovation

  • Incentives to adopt new software

  • What you need to do to enable adoption 


At the end of the workshop with PixelEdge, you will have identified the key stakeholders for your innovation and can start building and incentivizing the team that will work on the initial prototype of the product. PixelEdge can then work with you to create a prototype (Minimum Viable Product [MVP]).

Get Started

Contact us to hold a corporate innovation workshop for your organization.

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