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What We Do

For financial services firms, we create software for emerging investment niches or investigate and process data feeds in innovative, creative ways. With teams of developers, consultants, data cleansers, and researchers, we create end-to-end solutions. For other industries, we can improve your financial workflows, integrating financial software with your core processes to track clients and profits to give you an edge over the competition. We’ve helped clients with their financial business and internal financial requirements by delivering:

  • Live data feeds from the SEC

  • Data governance, including scraping and converting data from the SEC and other government sites

  • Real-time data rendering

  • Financial research and interpretation

  • Business Development Corporation (BDC) data governance and research

  • Student loan and financial aid planning

  • Platform to syndicate seed-stage investments

  • Real estate investment due diligence for rent rolls, expenses, and verification

  • Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) tools

  • Syndicated loan tools

  • Distressed loan tracking

Why PixelEdge?

Financial Services companies face a dynamic market with evolving data governance and compliance requirements, increasingly sophisticated customers, and nimble digital competitors. 


Used by some of the leading companies in the industry, PixelEdge technology has the proven capability to meet your governance, IT, and operational requirements:

  • Accelerate Innovation: Our process includes a prototype in 12 weeks or less, and we rapidly iterate based on feedback, allowing you to rapidly bring innovative solutions to market.

  • Boost Revenue and Profitability: We work with you to create products starting with innovation workshops through building the product through supporting you with customer experience and data professionals, our goal is to build long-term monetization, helping you increase your bottom line with proven capabilities.

  • Meet Governance and Compliance Requirements: Ensure your solutions comply with stringent data governance and IT standards, reducing risk and enhancing operational efficiency.

PixelEdge Solves Financial Services

BDC Collateral

Released in 2016, the product BDC Collateral is the industry-leading solution with the most comprehensive data in the space. Subscribers enjoy:

  • Access to analyses of nearly 100 public and private investments

  • 500% Faster Fund Analysis

  • 200% Reduction Turnaround Time

Real Estate Investment Vetting

PixelEdge improved the due diligence process for a real estate investment firm to have:

  • 2-3x faster data analysis

  • Quick turnaround to request additional property information

  • Standard metrics in a single format

  • Ability to process 2-3x properties per week


The client also has the option to quickly scale up a dedicated PixelEdge team to handle pre-processing if the business needs to research many opportunities quickly, increasing throughput an additional 2-3x.

Angel Investment Deal Vetting

Lead angels that are part of the Angel Capital Association (ACA) now have a tool that helps them connect to like-minded angel investors to fund entrepreneurs faster. Key angel investors using the platform report that:

  • The quality of the deals is so high that 50% of their investments come from the platform.

  • They are 5 to 10 times more likely to invest in ACA Syndication deals.

  • The nominated entrepreneurs close funding rounds more quickly and with significantly less effort on fundraising.


The ACA offers the ACA Syndication to their members only. Since release:

  • The number of deals went up significantly.

  • Membership increased by 5% with word of mouth and is expected to grow after the tool is marketed.

  • Member syndicates have less overhead and more interest in their meetings.


By centralizing and simplifying vetting and networking for angel investors, both angels and entrepreneurs benefit from the PixelEdge technology.

Financial Aid Research

PixelEdge worked created a financial planning platform a company that helps consumers manage their college finances.  The platform focused on:

  • Collect cost transparency 

  • A cash management dashboard to understand their assets versus college expenses


Students and families use the platform to centralize and optimize college expenses. 


Our client was a startup, and a larger college funding company acquired them in a successful exit.

Carbon Accounting for Financial Companies

PixelEdge created a carbon accounting tool that helps our client serve financial services companies:

  • Assess the carbon footprint of their investment portfolios.

  • Evaluate climate-related risks and opportunities.

  • Make informed decisions that align with sustainability goals.

Our Process and Support

PixelEdge Architecture - Startup-01.png

We build and support your Financial Services applications from idea through experience.

  • Innovate: We offer services to help you find the best solutions for your nice

  • Build: Our engineers are there at the beginning of the process, building technology using our secure and tested software within a few weeks

  • Experience: Our product managers and customer experience team work with you to wireframe initial products, process feedback on prototype and established products, and support product adoption through every phase of development and support.

  • Data and Research: Our research team organizes and processes data, and can support you with initial setup or continuous updates.

Get Started

Contact us about creating digital solutions to enhance your financial services business.

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