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Investment Case Study: How can we address a known market need without technical skills?

Ali Usman: "This was an incredible partnership. Our client brought the deep market intelligence, we brought the technical expertise, and together created the industry-leading solution."
A calculator, pens, and papers showing financial skillset without computers


A global financial data company identified a strong market opportunity to collect and provide investment data for an emerging class of investments. The company had a deep knowledge of this emerging space and noticed that some of their clients were making investments. To research an investment, clients manually copied and processed information, losing countless hours. The company knew there was an opportunity to create a consistent product that could provide timely research in this new space.

The team in charge had little experience developing new ideas and struggled to secure resources from its parent company. They needed a product to sell before the business was willing to invest in this market, but how do you create a product without any developers or resources?

PixelEdge Solution

PixelEdge worked with the client to create a subscription-based product that provides financial analysts complete access to financial data for this new class of investment.

PixelEdge’s proprietary software development platform allowed them to quickly create a new product that included user information, news articles, and data points and profiles for each investment opportunity. In only 12 weeks and for a cost within their discretionary budget, PixelEdge built the idea into a live product used by customers.

This early traction excited the client’s leadership, leading to additional resources. The teams worked together to expand the offerings so that the product offered unique information, including originations and disposals. PixelEdge trained an internal team of financial specialists who update the data daily using a process that provides high-quality information with much higher accuracy.

The company continues to sell the tool to subscribers. Because the tool is built on the PixelEdge platform, which is maintained for all PixelEdge products, the product stays updated to modern standards without extra costs to the client.


Released in 2016, the product is the industry-leading solution with the most comprehensive data in the space. Subscribers enjoy:

  • Access to analyses of nearly 100 public and private investments

  • 500% Faster Fund Analysis

  • 200% Reduction Turnaround Time

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