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We combine building your digital product with helping you discover your product-market fit.

Lead & Innovate. Build a product.

Faster Time to MVP

Launch your minimum viable or beta product quickly so you can start engaging with end-users. Real feedback is critical for your roadmap.


Proven Technology

The underlying PixelEdge Intelligence Suite powers leading companies and startups. No need to build your product from scratch.


Pre-configured Benefits

Many product essentials such as tiered access, search, security, and bookmarks are pre-built to give you a head start.


Staff Mission Control

Your team starts out with pre-configured tools for managing data, content, analytics, and subscribers from day one.

Why PixelEdge for Product-Market Fit discovery?

Staff Mission Control

Your team starts out with pre-configured tools for managing user feedback, engagement tiers, satisfaction levels, and integration with drip campaigns.

End-user Feedback

Create a product roadmap that results in the best value by using tools and techniques to manage user feedback. Apply these techniques based on the product’s lifecycle phase.

Insights and Analytics

A proven process to apply analytics so that you are able to make sense of all the analytics data. Gain insights through user journey, content usage, and feature utilization information.


Not all users are the same. User segmentation and knowing your user in the early stages of product-market fit requires both hard usage analytics data and user feedback and surveys. Focus on predictive indicators (rather than trailing indicators).

We love software

We take care of your technology challenges by complementing our technology infrastructure with our team and processes. We deliver an end-to-end solution that includes web and mobile applications for your customers and endusers.

Your operations team manages all the content, data, analytics, and integration through our Mission Control. We have built the infrastructure so you focus on the business solution and not on "reinventing the wheel".

Scale your product to grow your business

Once you launch, it's time to innovate



Reach more customers by adding more channels (web, mobile apps, smart speakers, etc.)



Increase customer interaction through adding smart tables, quizzes, audio, surveys, and more.



Add additional features your clients are asking for. Ex: tiered access, notifications, bookmarks, etc.



Leverage your data by applying AI for forecasting, trend analysis, recommendations, and more.

What our clients say about us

Colleen Krumwiede

Co-founder and CMO

"Innovative, conscientious, and thoroughly competent – PixelEdge’s expertise was evident throughout the iterative development cycles. We are delighted with how everyone collaborated in finding the product-market fit and figuring out the product roadmap."


Mike Lavin

Global Head of Capital Markets
Thomson Reuters

“We were able to launch a beta version within three months. Having that working beta allowed us to better configure our MVP and go-to-market version with confidence. And now we can now prioritize enhancements in an iterative fashion via the platform.”


Lisa Papademetriou


"Diving into product development is always an iterative process; an app is in constant learning and growth mode. The PixelEdge Team has been using data-driven user feedback to help guide our product lifecycle, analytics, and user segmentation."

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