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We combine building your digital product with helping you discover your product-market fit.


Lead & Innovate. Build a product.

Monetize your data

Monetize your data

Make use of your business expertise by monetizing proprietary and curated, structured and unstructured market information.

Gain competitive edge

Gain competitive edge

Leverage in-house best practices by formalizing and codifying knowledge and processes into a product. Strengthen your workflows.

Display thought leadership

Display thought leadership

Business is trending towards subscription & platform model. Productize your expertise and talent into a web-based solution.

Start with a prototype/MVP

Start with a prototype/MVP

Manage risk by taking a phased approach: ideation, prototype, MVP, and then discover product-market fit to achieve monetization.

Why PixelEdge?

PixelEdge - partner you can rely on through your business journery

Get to a Minimum Viable Product Faster

Get a head start with our proven technology platform used by Global 500 companies and leading startups: tiered access, enterprise search, bookmarks, authentication, subscriber management, and support for data, files, and multi-media content. All this with managed hosting.

PixelEdge - partner you can rely on through your business journery

Find your Product-Market Fit

Discovering product-market fit requires technology and an interdisciplinary approach. PixelEdge’s pre-built technology platform gives you the power: feedback segmentation, user journeys, analytics, alerts, customer acquisition intelligence, and integration with marketing, surveys, and billing.

PixelEdge - partner you can rely on through your business journery

Leverage Data Governance and Intelligence

We build quality solutions by focusing both on the quality and governance of data and by providing intelligence through visualization, slicing & dicing, interactive tables & graphs, and real-time integration.

PixelEdge - partner you can rely on through your business journery

De-risk your Product Development

Our pre-built platform ensures a high-quality MVP build and discovery of product-market fit. In addition, we align our interest with yours by attaching our success to your success. We are willing to invest in the early stages to align with the shared future upside.

What our clients say about us


Colleen Krumwiede

Co-founder and CMO

"Innovative, conscientious, and thoroughly competent – PixelEdge’s expertise was evident throughout the iterative development cycles. We are delighted with how everyone collaborated in finding the product-market fit and figuring out the product roadmap."


Mike Lavin

Global Head of Capital Markets
Thomson Reuters

“We were able to launch a beta version within three months. Having that working beta allowed us to better configure our MVP and go-to-market version with confidence. And now we can now prioritize enhancements in an iterative fashion via the platform.”


Lisa Papademetriou


"Diving into product development is always an iterative process; an app is in constant learning and growth mode. The PixelEdge Team has been using data-driven user feedback to help guide our product lifecycle, analytics, and user segmentation."

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