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With a deep knowledge of effective application design for data and processes, our team will create software that multiplies profit margins and showcases your competitive advantages.


If your company needs to improve its sustainability, we design solutions that help you select metrics and track compliance requirements. With our data visualizations and compliance communication, we can make you a green leader in your industry and community.  If you are at a sustainability company, our deep industry knowledge in designing digital processes can help improve your ability to work effectively with your clients. Let’s find innovations and build a product in just weeks.   As a leading provider of Sustainable Digital Innovation (SDI), we’ve helped clients with their sustainability needs by delivering:

  • Circular Economy data visualizations

  • Carbon and decarbonization accounting for Scope 1, 2, and 3

  • Decarbonization planning 

  • Sustainable infrastructure

  • Integrations with utility systems

  • Conversions from legacy data and systems

Case studies:

A flexible digital tool for the Circular Economy

Sustainability compliance: How can we improve a complex workflow?

Sustainability compliance: How can we reduce risks when change is needed?



For financial services firms, we create software for emerging investment niches or investigate and process data feeds in innovative, creative ways. With teams of developers, consultants, data cleansers, and researchers, we create end-to-end solutions. For other industries, we can improve your financial workflows, integrating financial software with your core processes to track clients and profits to give you an edge over the competition. We’ve helped clients with their financial business and internal financial requirements by delivering:

  • Live data feeds from the SEC

  • Data governance, including scraping and converting data from the SEC and other government sites

  • Real-time data rendering

  • Financial research and interpretation

  • Business Development Corporation (BDC) data governance and research

  • Student loan and financial aid planning

  • Platform to syndicate seed-stage investments

  • Real estate investment due diligence for rent rolls, expenses, and verification

  • Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) tools

  • Syndicated loan tools

  • Distressed loan tracking 

Case studies:

Angel & Venture Capital: How can a simple tool streamline vetting and networking for angel investors and entrepreneurs?

New Investment Product: How can we address a known market need without technical skills?

Real Estate Investment: How can we reduce a bottleneck to growth?


Corporate Innovation

If you’re at a large enterprise organization, you know you need to innovate, but change is risky.  Our corporate innovation team has, time and again, created custom digital solutions that help clients cut costs, increase market share, improve accuracy, increase compliance, and sometimes even open up new markets. We’ve helped customers innovate and modernize with our services:

  • Ideation: Identified ideas that aligned with companies’ priorities 

  • Validation: Researched and found the right ideas to turn into products

  • Product adoption: Put the systems and people in place to ensure that customers use the product they built with us

  • Change management: Moved from legacy systems or old regulations to seamlessly upgrade processes and software solutions

  • Migration: Transferred data and processes to different systems

  • Marketing and sales audits: Found opportunities for efficiency and growth

Case studies:

IdeaPAD case study: How do you identify high-impact innovations for an existing product?

Who are the three people you need to enable adoption?



We love startup companies because they give us the best opportunities to innovate and create. PixelEdge is especially excited to work with startups in the sustainability sector that want cutting-edge digital tools. Let PixelEdge help your new venture with enterprise-quality software at a price within your budget.

Our commitment to startups extends to our sister fund, PixelVentures. If you have a startup idea in the sustainability space, review our funding criteria.

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