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Profitability Enhancement: How can we improve a complex workflow?

Paul Silva: “We started with a tool to improve workflow. Once it was adopted, our client’s engineers saw ways to leverage the power of the application to make significant improvements.”

Three characters holding charts. Two white characters in the background hold complicated charts with up arrows, and the red character in the front holds a simplified chart leading up, depicting improving a complex workflow

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A large sustainability company had a solid business in audits and compliance consulting for sustainability, but significant expertise was required to deliver results to the client. Auditing and compliance need to account for many types of standards and regulations, and every client has different requirements.

The projects took significant senior engineering time, and it was difficult to train junior staff on the compliance processes. Engineers were concerned about the time risk it might take to switch to a new system and needed proof that a new solution would be worth their time.


After discussing their challenges, PixelEdge worked with the company to build the initial version of a digital tool in 12 weeks. This version allowed them to help their clients conduct internal and external audits and submit reports to government agencies.

The initial prototype decreased labor costs by creating a tool that allowed junior staff to contribute to projects that previously only senior staff could complete. Within months of its initial deployment, the company cut labor costs in half for teams using the product. The digital tool solved several problems:

  • Complex workflows were simplified and standardized

  • Senior staff could complete audits more quickly

  • Junior staff could now complete audits with much less training

Clients saw the results from the new tool and started to request features. By listening to users and reviewing the data, the company decided to iterate the best features, including:

  • Data visualizations

  • Supply chain management

  • Workflow management

These features uniquely positioned the company in the sustainability consulting market, building interest from clients.


While the company is a consulting firm, they are starting to embrace software as a solution to improve their revenue and remain competitive in a rapidly changing landscape. Results include:

  • 3x margins for the same work, with more work completed by more junior staff and less overhead for senior staff

  • A software subscription offering for their clients, adding a new revenue stream that brings in 10x better profit margins than consulting work

  • More sales opportunities stemming from large clients that interface and require the software at other organizations that must complete compliance audits

Profitability enhancement at your organization

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