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As business unit leaders tasked with complying with new sustainability standards, you're navigating a complex landscape where environmental responsibility intersects with financial imperatives. At PixelEdge, we understand the challenges you face in balancing sustainability goals with financial performance. Our tailored software solutions offer a lifeline, providing tools to streamline sustainability initiatives while optimizing financial outcomes. From custom-built platforms that track and analyze environmental impact to integrated financial modules that ensure compliance without sacrificing profitability, PixelEdge empowers you to meet regulatory requirements while driving sustainable growth.

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Our Process

Our low-risk process starts by examining your business for opportunities that increase ROI by creating recurring revenue streams and improving productivity.


What makes a product successful? Our experience working with global companies like Acuris and the London Stock Exchange Group taught us that a good product not only solves a vital business problem, it also addresses critical issues for everyone that uses it, from management to line employees. Using our technology platform and business development expertise, we rapidly create and iterate products that delight end users and generate transformative impact.


Our clients are mid-sized business services firms, typically in the sustainability and finance sectors, who are leaders in their niche and have limited experience developing digital tools.

Our Values

Respect is at the core of everything we do at PixelEdge. We respect and leverage feedback from the product end-user, each other, and the client. We respect different points of view, different cultures, and different skill sets. We respect people regardless of their identities, accolades, and degrees. We value both EQ and IQ. Our success hinges on open-mindedness, empathy, and teamwork.



We deliver value for your leaders and your users, driving transformative impact for your clients. We measure our excellence by asking three questions: Have we improved the end-user experience? Have we helped with product monetization? Have we improved our processes and ourselves?


We do not micromanage. Instead, we design workflow processes that encourage authority and decision-making. We are a company of proactive team players. We focus less on titles than we do on developing project roles and responsibilities. We mentor our people to be leaders — to own their decisions, own their own growth, and deliver value.


We respond to needs, not requirements. When problems arise, we are mindful, we think, we get curious, and we look to the successful solutions we and others have already built.


Simplicity is a discipline. Will this feature add value? Do you really need it? We think before we build, targeting complex processes and whittling them into maintainable, effective solutions.

Our Locations

PixelVentures Startup Fund

To stay at the forefront of innovation, we invest in sustainability startups through our sister fund, PixelVentures. For select investments, we provide reduced-price software development services. For more information, see our

PixelVentures Startup Fund page.

Psychological Safety

PixelEdge is committed to the psychological safety of its employees. With a flat organizational structure and a culture of individual leadership, we value employee feedback and encourage teamwork. Our focus on our team members creates an environment conducive to innovation and collaborative problem solving.


Research has shown that psychological safety is one of the strongest drivers of creative success, and PixelEdge thrives on using its resourcefulness to create impact.


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Life at PixelEdge


At PixelEdge, our passion extends beyond providing innovative software with a positive impact. Our team members bring this same level of innovation and dedication to giving back to our communities, championing initiatives that empower through education, nurture entrepreneurship, and celebrate cultural heritage.

  • Science and Technology Education

PixelEdge wants to grow science education and support for young people by offering quality education to them in their native language and culture.


Kainaat Studios is at the forefront of creating accessible astronomy videos in Urdu and Hindi, sparking curiosity and understanding about the universe in a new generation.


The Sahr Foundation preserves and promotes cultural heritage and science education.

  • Entrepreneurship Education and Support

We're deeply involved with shaping new entrepreneurs and fostering innovation through our collaborations with local and global programs.


UMass Amherst’s Entrepreneurship Club fosters entrepreneurship education, competitions, and business development by connecting local mentors, business leaders, and investors.


The Western New England University’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship provides innovation and entrepreneurship support, along with connections to local industry leaders and investors.


The reSET social impact accelerator believes in entrepreneurship as a vehicle for positive change, offering mentorship, resources, and support to innovators.


Our commitment to making a tangible impact is reflected in our contribution of over 2,000 microloans via Kiva. These loans support projects that empower individuals worldwide to grow businesses and pursue education.

  • Celebrating Culture

We are committed to arts and cultural heritage projects, helping local artists thrive and share their crafts.


Our headquarters is located at Click, where we sponsor music performances and art galleries, creating a vibrant community space where art and technology meet.

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