Who we are...

Pixeledge is a product studio; building digital products and helping to discover product-market fit. At PixelEdge, we believe great ideas have the power to drive positive change and growth. We are here to help you transform those ideas into successful digital solutions. Our sole focus is to work with entrepreneurs and corporate innovators to build and launch digital products, and we know what it takes for a product to be successful.

We have both the technology and expertise to build the product and work with the client to launch and monetize it. Our approach is centered in the last ten years of research and best practices; better products for end-users result in better outcomes for entrepreneurs and businesses.

PixelEdge clients range from Fortune 500 companies to Fintech startups. PixelEdge is headquartered in Northampton, Massachusetts with additional offices in Nairobi, Kenya and Karachi, Pakistan.


What we value...

Impact over everything else

We are committed to creating value for product end-users. We achieve this by listening, staying open-minded, and remaining adaptable. We apply what we learn in a methodical and conscientious manner. We design, we examine, we iterate, we improve. We are constantly growing. Excellence is a moving target. We measure our excellence by asking three questions: Have we improved the end-user experience? Have we helped with product monetization? Have we improved our processes and ourselves?

Innovative and sustainable growth

We are resourceful. We don’t throw money at problems. Taking the maturity of the product and business model into consideration, we are creative and proactive in how we cultivate and utilize our resources. When problems arise, we are mindful, we think, we get curious, and we look to the successful solutions we and others have already built. We learn from the end-users, we learn from our clients; we learn from our colleagues, and we learn from our challenges; so we can keep developing platforms, people, processes, and principles that last. We love our craft.

End-user focus

Keep it simple. We thrive on breaking down complex problems into simpler and more manageable components. Every system tends towards complexity, slowness, and difficulty. Knowing complexity is unavoidable, we use clear and level-headed thinking to reduce conflict and confusion. We spend a lot of time and energy building sound solutions. Keeping a product simple, while fast and easy-to-use is a battle that must be fought every day. This keeps us from being reactive and impulsive and allows us to deliver quality solutions that work. We stay focused on the end-user.

Ownership and trust

We do not micromanage. Instead, we design workflow processes that encourage authority and decision-making. We are a company of self-directed team players. We focus less on titles than we do on developing project roles and responsibilities. We mentor our people to be leaders — to own their decisions, own their own growth, and deliver value.

Respect as the basis

Respect is at the core of everything we do at PixelEdge. We respect and leverage feedback from the product end-user, each other, and the client. We respect different points of view, different cultures, and different skill sets. We respect people regardless of their identities, accolades, and degrees. We value both EQ and IQ. Our success hinges on open-mindedness, empathy, and teamwork.

Northampton, MA

Nairobi, Kenya

Karachi, Pakistan


PixelEdge specializes in helping entrepreneurs build and launch successful digital products.

Our platform and expertise mean better products for end-users and better outcomes for entrepreneurs.


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