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Rapid Efficiency Growth: How can we reduce a bottleneck to growth?

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Investors turn to our client because they maximize returns by buying, improving, and managing undervalued multifamily properties. To make the best investments, our client must race to review potential properties for future value. They contacted PixelEdge for help in scaling their acquisition process to handle growth opportunities.

The person completing the due diligence was nearing capacity, and their challenges included:

  • Following up on missing or inaccurate data for undervalued properties, which required quick communication with sellers

  • Cleaning and interpreting data took several days, leading to lost deals to less savvy investors

  • Completing the due diligence process did not scale when many opportunities came to market at the same time

PixelEdge identified the spreadsheet template he was using as an opportunity to reduce the time spent doing the due diligence.

PixelEdge Solution

The due diligence expert didn’t have much time to improve his process day to day. Using only a few hours of discussion before and during the process, PixelEdge built a new product in four weeks.

PixelEdge upgraded their due diligence template with advanced data checking and functions along with visualizations for quick comparisons. Additionally, PixelEdge offered a dedicated team to complete initial data gathering and cleaning tasks, freeing up the due diligence expert for other, higher-value tasks.


PixelEdge improved the due diligence process to have:

  • 2-3x faster data analysis

  • Quick turnaround to request additional property information

  • Standard metrics in a single format

  • Ability to process 2-3x properties per week

The client also has the option to quickly scale up a dedicated PixelEdge team to handle pre-processing if the business needs to research many opportunities quickly, increasing throughput an additional 2-3x.

Paul Silva: “The client’s team are some of the best in the country at what they do. But like most people, they aren’t also geniuses at technology. Their team greatly appreciated how quickly we came to understand their needs and create tools that let them do their jobs better, faster, and with less stress.”

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