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Customer Discovery: Learn and Confirm

Note: This post was first published on LinkedIn in 2021.

Great talk about customer discovery and some of the pitfalls to avoid for entrepreneurs in the ideation and MVP build stage. Must watch! Great talk divided into two sections: Learn (Ideation) and Confirm (with prototype, beta, MVP). See summary below. Also, Rob talks about spending days and not weeks/months in the process.

Learn Phase (Ideation)

  • Compliments of your idea are bad.

  • Don't talk about your idea.

  • Ask them how they solved the problem in the past.

  • If possible, watch them as they are doing their work.

Confirm (product to show)

  • Watch how people are using it.

  • End meeting with some kind of commitment to gauge if feedback should be taken seriously.

Rob Fitzpatrick is the author of "The Mom Test"

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